User’s Guide

We’re a platform where students can ask and answer any student-life related questions and get prompt answers to them.

Create Your Forum Within Just 30 Seconds!

Where else would it be this easy? Being a computer wiz is not necessary. Just follow these three simple steps, and your forum will be created in 30 seconds.

1. Fill up the form with the relevant details - your name, email address and password. You can even sign up using your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

2. Confirm the password you’ve chosen.

3. Start a discussion. A dialogue box will now be visible on your screen where you can post any student-related query you want and get answers for it.

After these three easy steps, don't forget to invite your friends, family or even colleagues to be a part of your forum. They can start by posting messages and encouraging others to join in too.

Note: Ensure that you use the right spelling, and correct grammar has been used so that you can attract the right audience who is serious about answering your question. Also, make sure that your question is clear and has been phrased properly. For example:

"Why did Chelsea football player Michael Ballack move to Bayer Leverkusen?"

Once someone gives an answer to your question, you will be notified immediately so that you can view the answer.

Answer swiftly to any question

To answer a question a student has posted, all you have to do is -

1. Log in and go to your homepage

2. Scan through the recently posted questions and see if you have the detailed knowledge to answer any one of them

You have to log out from your account after each discussion. We will not be liable for any damage that arises from a breach of these instructions.

3. Click the ‘answer’ button for the question you want to provide an answer to and start typing

Note: The answers you write must be specific and detailed wherein you’re actually imparting useful information to the user who’s posed that question.

Edit the uploaded questions and answers

Each question and answer that is uploaded in The Student’s Forum has a small ‘edit’ button right below it, which users can click to edit any question or answer if they see errors in it. These would be considered as ‘suggested edits, ' and the suggestions will go to the users who have uploaded them. If they approve, the answer or question will be modified, and the edited version will be uploaded on our site.

Rate an answer

Our At the end of each answer, there will be another button with a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down icon, which can assist you in rating the answer provided. You can click on the thumbs-up if you like the answer or you can click thumbs-down if you don’t like it. The number of thumbs-up and thumbs-down an answer has received will be displayed beside each icon.

Use your inbox

Like most other social media platforms, at The Student’s Forum too, you will have an inbox that will be linked to your personal account on our site. You can use this inbox to send and receive messages from other people at The Student’s Forum who are not a part of your Facebook friend list or Twitter followers. This is your platform to communicate with those you’ve connected with on The Student’s Forum. You can add a user to your personal network to chat with them.

Control your settings

In case you feel you're getting too many notifications, you can go to your settings and turn off the notifications.